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If this chicken could read, I don't think she would've signed up for this.
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@marshalledgar HAHAH I AM DYING. I don't know why @DANIDEE in caps keeps making me giggle. I keep picturing you shouting my name back at me. I didn't see the Cat Shaming post!! Link link link link. @allischaaff and I are intrigued.
I seriously was having a hard time figuring out my CAPS versus my Shift keys this morning. I couldn't find the HuffPost piece, but I found it here http://www.boredpanda.com/cat-shaming/
@marshalledgar Hahaha the security deposit one is TOO REAL.
haha. I loved the one about the security deposit too. back when I rented a tux for my high school dance, I discovered that my cat peed on it (after the party). I just zipped it up and brought it back. I can only imagine what they thought.
@marshalledgar OH NO!!! Damn cat. Hahah out of all things to pee on too.