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Everyone loves Fetty Wap, but few show the depth of their love like The Kansas City Royals.

In honor of Fetty, the Royals have made it team law to reference the rapper in every team interview. Failure to slip Fetty’s ad-lib “1738”into conversation results in a fine.
This new instated law by the Royals just made my day.
In the interview above, the Royals centerfielder Lorenzo Cain shows his dedication to the cause, working in two “1738” references with ease.
“You could name 17 to 38 plays we’ve made all year,” and “he’s my best friend in the whole wide world… on a scale of 17 to 38, he’s a 38.” said Cain. Pretty awesome to see him accomplish in an interview that left few holes to sneak the reference in.
I know the question running through your mind after watching the video: Why are the Royals doing this?
Fetty is the the Cinderella story of rap at the moment. The Royals relate to Fetty a lot, as they jumped on the scene late last year, pushing their team from the wildcard to the World Series.

And if you are looking for simpler answer: The players shoutout Fetty because it’s awesome, Duh!

Hahaha i've seen this going on around ESPN and other baseball sites. it's hilarious. This is what baseball is all about for me. You throw a group of 25 guys together in a clubhouse and make 'em show up each day for a few hours, with more down time than playing time, and some weird traditions develop. i'm so into it.
@jeff4122 yeah over time I have seen some weird lockeroom traditions, but this one is up there. Plus this is pretty hard to execute. I'm amazed at how Lorenzo cain worked the "1738" reference with
@candacejordan yeah when I saw this story it had me cracking up.. I had to share this one on vingle. Thanks for showing the card some love!
So hilarious and awesome!