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2NE1 “Come Back Home” director responds to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” alleged plagiarism
Yah you heard me.
2ne1 “Come Back Home” director decided earlier today to give her thoughts on the matter.
As the all out twitter war against Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj, many allegations against TSWIFT's "BAD BLOOD" have appeared. One of them being that her music video copied Kpop girl group 2NE1 music video "COME BACK HOME".
Luckily 2NE1 director have put some of are thoughts to rest with her comment “Although there are similar angles, I don’t think it’s plagiarism. We also have content that was borrowed from Hollywood science fiction movies. Rather than plagiarism, it feels like I’m watching a movie that’s similar.”
What do you think? Is 2NE1's director right?
I think it was wise not to call it plagiarism because the similarity was subtle
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Still better saying than the director of Taylor swifts
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I agree with him...both MVS have a lot of Sci-fi and although there is A LOT of similarities we can't simply call it plagiarism :/
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Shes smart BUT it looks very similar...idk if that would mean that taylor swift has given 2ne1 some views. Cause then...she might be a kpopper
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