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If you're a woman who has never been in a Forever 21 store, I'm not sure what to tell you. The clothing line is a mainstay for young ladies, twenty-somethings and just about anyone that gets held in it's fashion death-grip.
The graphic T's of Forever 21 have been a source of ridicule for a lot of internet goers, so here are some of the most ridiculous ones, for your viewing pleasure.
Note: These are 100 percent real, I am not messing with you.
What it says: "I Love spending his money."
This is beyond disgusting. Like come on...who are you? You're not Anna Nicole Smith or anyone else with a rich husband. You're a preteen in the mall with 20 dollars from your parents.
What it actually means: "My dad gives me 20 dollars sometimes."
What it says: "Jesus is my rock and that's how I roll."
Come on, if you were a real Jesus freak you wouldn't be wearing that short of shorts, or a muscle Tee without a bra. You might have some explaining to do to the man upstairs.
What it actually means: "I go to church on Christmas and am trying to impress a cute boy in my youth group."
What it says: "I love pizza and like three people."
OMG you love Tumblr don't reblog all of those cosmic pictures with inspiring life quotes on them and you've hung fairy lights in your room too.
What it actually means: "Pizza is really hip right now, and I usually am pretty healthy, but this makes me look cute and approachable."
What it says: "I'm actually really smart."
Words cannot even describe my hatred for this T.
What it actually means: "I have no self-respect, and Forever 21 is totally encouraging that."
What it says: "Wake me up when we get there."
WTF are you like, asleep all the time? This T-Shirt may make sense for an infant, but not a grown person with a job...wake the hell up.
What it actually means: "Sleeping and pizza and France are really in right now, so I'm getting on the sleeping train, aren't I so cute and approachable? More approachable than the girl in the pizza T, because food is so like...eeew."
What it says: "Please stop using so many hashtags, thank you."
This is the ultimate ironic T for the ages. I mean, maybe that's why people like it, because hipsters like being ironic and stuff, but come one. Do we have to get this obvious with our millennial ignorance?
What it actually means: "I'm a 15 year old who has like...500 followers on instagram and thinks I'm Kim Kardashian."
What it says: "Get your foot in the J'adore."
Punny, punny, but do you know what that actually translates to? French stuff is so In right you obviously don't care.
What it actually means: "Get your foot in the I love Paris."
Good one.
Thank you Forever 21, thank you.
the hashtags t shirt needs to be obliterated now
Hahahah @TheGreenEyedPup I'm not a huge fan of it either lol clearly!
In my whole life I have only ever been to Forever 21... and I hope to never go there again.... its way too fancy for my taste....
that Shia gif is EVERYTHING