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Rob Kardashian has returned to Instagram.

In recent months, Rob has been fat shamed as he has isolated himself from the spotlight due to his extreme weight gain. It's no surprise that his sister Kim isn't accepting any excuses as she said he has a private driver, trainer, and even a professional chef on standby. Kris is ultimately upset since she believes he needs help. Khloé said in a recent interview that she refers to Rob as her son since he lives in her house but she loves it and wouldn't want it any other way. We've rarely seen Rob come out of his home but he's being approached by the rest of the family through tough love.
"I love having him with me," Khloé said. "I have a big-ass house and I wanted it so he could feel, like, comfortable. He's going through a hard time now and it's behind gates. With this crazy lifestyle you have to think of places where you can still have your freedom..."


"just chill-zoning in Malibu and eating a pulled pork sandwich," Rob Kardashian said.
Rob is now 28 years old living in Khloé's home. Since we haven't seen many appearances by Rob in the past few weeks, it's hard to know what he currently looks like. As long as he stays isolated, we can only guess that he's still unhappy with his self image. It was interesting to see him post this photo however he is notorious for deleting pictures shortly after posting them. He has a "bizarre" sense of humor that a source from E! noted.

Here's a clip of Kim not putting up with any of Rob's BS.

What do you think about Rob Kardashian's weight gain?

I love Rob it's sad that people ridicule him so, people gain weight it happens. You shouldn't be made to feel like a pariah because of it :/
I agree with all of the comments above me. And I honestly don't like Kim and the fact that she's judging him and making it worst for him to feel free to open up to the world and his family. He's dealing with a lot in my opinion but everyone keeps listening to Kim and it's just getting worst. They should help and be there for Rob right now and not worrying about what the world thinks. But that's just my opinion.
It's much deeper than him just being fat. He's going through something, and he's looking to food for some kind of relief. He's struggling, and I think it's unfair for people to poke fun at him, when the real issue is that he is unhappy, depressed, and he's mentally sick -- he needs professional help.
I think it's weird that Kim is criticizing him for staying out of the public eye when she did the same thing after she divorced Chris Humphries and after she had North. I think she needs to give him a break. He is obviously dealing with some stuff and needs their support
I think it's none of our business and if he wants out let him out but just let him be happy