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Next Thursday, we'll say #JonVoyage to our favorite late night host. I can't just let him go without a proper goodbye, I mean, he's been my primary news source for the past ten years and totally changed the way I think about media and the government. I've never appreciated a comedian the way I do Jon Stewart and I'll miss him dearly.
Comedy Central better give him a hell of a sendoff which means tons of guest appearances.
Here's a couple of photos from The Colbert Report finale. There's a billion important people here: Jon Stewart, James Franco, Patrick Stewart, Willie Nelson, Katie Couric, BIG BIRD, the list goes on and on. I love Stephen Colbert, but he's nothing compared to Jon Stewart in my mind, so I'm expecting even more.
Here's a short list of everyone that I'm expecting to see next Thursday for the emotional goodbye:
Old correspondents (Steve Carrell, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, etc.)
Current correspondents (Trevor Noah especially)
John Oliver
Stephen Colbert
President Obama (and Michelle??)
President Clinton (and Hillary???)
JJ Abrams
Christopher Walken
Paul Rudd
Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala (the two hosts of Crossfire that Jon awesomely attacked in 2004)

Donald Trump

This might be an odd mixture of people who love Jon and people that Jon's insulted over the years, but that seems totally appropriate for his finale.
See you August 6th, I'll be the one crying hysterically.