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Emotionally Unavailable (adj.) - a partner who create barriers to intimacy and can make you feel unloved or unwanted.

You've fallen and unfortunately you can't get up, although you should. You're in too deep and it doesn't seem like he's in it at all -- at least not how you would want him to be. Whether things were good at one point and fell through or if he just never quite seemed to open up, your lover boy might have a bad case of being emotionally unavailable. Sadly, they have yet to come up with a medication to cure this type of sickness -- but like they say, 'time heals all'.
The real question is, is it worth the wait? You've been riding for this guy for months on end and he has has yet to open up to you -- like what gives? You're constantly putting in more than you get back in return and it's tiring. At some point you have to say enough is enough or your man friend has to take full responsibility for his behavior. If you're dealing with a guy who just won't seem to open up to you and let his true feelings show -- here are five ways to tell if the guy you've fallen for is emotionally unavailable or just unavailable.

He Disappears For Day(s) With No Words

It's one thing to ask for some much needed time to self reflect and focus on yourself, but to blatantly disappear and dodge all forms of communication because you needed some "personal space" -- that's a totally different story.

You Ask Questions That Result In No Answer

Anyone who has been dealing with someone on a personal level would probably want to know at some point in time where things are going. If you constantly ask these questions and get a shrug or a "let's talk about this later" that's a huge red flag. Run while you can.

He's Not Looking For A Relationship

Well, if he's not looking for a relationship at the moment -- why in the world are you moving forward or acting as if you are moving forward? The worst thing a guy can do is drag you along and have you thinking it's something it's not.

His Main Focus Is Himself

There's absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on yourself, but when you're in a relationship or a budding relationship -- the "I" becomes a "we". As hard as that may seem for some people, if you're truly interested in someone you will pretty much be willing to do whatever you have to do to make things work out.

He Avoids Conflict At All Cost

Nobody likes to argue or focus on the negative aspect of things, but if there is a conflict at hand -- the normal thing to do would be to address it. If your prospective guy avoids conflict and resolving conflict at all cost, he's probably not interested in moving forward and his actions scream emotionally unavailable.

Yes, we all know -- it sucks. Don't remind us.

Just make sure you watch out for those that are emotionally unavailable, you'll save yourself the stress and time wasted.
On the flip side of things, just because he may seem like he's not budging -- give him a little time. It's all about the chase, let him pursue you -- click here to read how to do that.