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Yep, you heard that right. Today it was announced that a vaccine for Ebola was found...and it was 100% successful when tested in Guinea.
In trials involving 4,000 people -- exactly 4,000 were successful.
That’s right. Remember several months ago how everyone was freaking out? Yep, we can all take a chill pill now. Or I guess, chill shot?
Børge Brende, the foreign minister of Norway, who helped fund the trial said:
“This new vaccine, if the results hold up, may be the silver bullet against Ebola, helping to bring the current outbreak to zero and to control future outbreaks of this kind.”
Humanity is killing it today...killing Ebola that is. (high five)
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@jeff4122 this is very true. It's really unfortunate that we're so willing to see coverage of tragedies and emergencies but get bored before we find resolutions to the issues
That’s a really good point @jeff4122. I think we casually thought about it every now and then, but focused more on the other news.
This is awesome!
That's great news
Isn’t it @adapa?! It’s not every day this happens.