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Over time we accumulate lots of useless things. We let go of people, experiences, menageries, but sometimes we just can't shake our "stuff". If you're feeling overwhelmed, upset or like your life is completely off track, it may be time to gut your closet.
Closet? Why your closet?
Your closet is often the place where you stuff the things you don't care about. You forget about things that end up there. You move on, but you never really get rid of.
So if you want to turn over a new leaf, you have to start with your closet.

1. You definitely have too much stuff.

If you're hanging on to things, there's probably a reason why. Whatever psychological implication that has is not really my place to judge. For some reason, you've got too much shit and the way to feel better is to get rid of some of it.

2. It'll make you feel lighter.

Whenever I set out to clean my closet it always makes me feel I have less to worry about. By getting rid of the useless or broken things in your life you'll ultimately feel like you've gotten rid of a lot of baggage too.
You definitely don't need to hang on to clothes that don't fit or things that have long gone out of style...looking at you flared jeans from 7th grade.

3. You may find things you forgot about.

Gutting your closet is going to bring up a lot of shit. And you may actually find things in all of that shit that really mean something to you. I remember finding a ton of old family photos in my closet once, and it really made my day. It sent me on a much needed nostalgia kick that brought me back to the reason why I was cleaning, to make myself better.

4. It may awaken some emotional stuff you need to deal with.

Whenever we move, or get rid of things, or even just clean something out, we do get nostalgic...much like number three, this can be a good thing. Say that you find some old T-shirt from some sports team you were on as a kid, and secretly you always regretted quitting. Maybe dealing with those unresolved issues will help you move forward in your life.

5. Once you're done, you'll thank yourself!

There's no greater feeling than a job well done. And there's nothing like looking at a clean, organized, clutter and baggage free closet. You may learn some stuff about yourself along the way too. It's much better to have an organized space to put your things. You'll be proud of yourself for finishing something too.
So if you're feeling down or out, just clean out your closet, and it'll definitely make you feel better!
haha..busy girl~
It’s like a simple way to feel so much better about your life :D @TessStevens!
ohhh I’ll definitely have to check that out! Thanks @TessStevens!
There's also this cleaning style called Kon Mari you should look into, it's all about living minimally! @nicolejb
I read this book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (don’t judge me) and it was AMAZING. The book asks you to ask all of your items if they make you happy...I went through a “clean and get rid of everything phase” and it was SO refreshing. Unfortunately I’ve accumulated more things, but I’m so happy I did it. Now might be a good time to go through my closet again...
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