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A response to the awesome poetry prompt by @skee292 ! If you want to check out her amazing poem and the prompt check it out here.
It may have been a brush, a slide long glance,
an eyes averted apology, mumbled while slipping past
on a path I will never find myself straying upon.
But at that point of passing
memories of late night phone calls,
dreams, reckless abandon, chances taken and
innocence misplaced
flash and vanish
as I avert my eyes and mumble nothing
I felt every single word in this poem! Beautifully portrayed and hauntingly relatable. Thanks so much for participating in my poetry prompt! I appreciate that so much.
@skee292 i hope you have more poetry prompts !! it gets the creative juices flowing lol
Would that be something you're interested in? I could make that happen...
@skee292 YES! i think most people in poetry or just creative writing would love it