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IT IS HOT, and much of the country is experiencing a wicked heat wave. I don't have air conditioning in my apartment, and many of my nights are spent sitting in front of a fan like a rabid dog with it's tongue out. Sound familiar?
Check out these glistening rock tracks that embrace the heat and will give you a chance to party down and cool off!

1. The Killers / Joy Ride

"Stranded on a heat wave / burning with desire." This song is all about desert imagery and the lust of the night. Play this when you're getting ready to hit a roof-top bar or somewhere with a lot of palm trees! (I don't know, people like to decorate with them.)

2. Reptilla / The Strokes

"The room is on fire / and she's fixing her hair." This is the perfect 'get-ready to go out' song. Reptilla is one of those songs with an unavoidable bass-line and one of the catchiest guitar riffs of all time.

3. Vegas Lights / Panic! At The Disco

"Vegas lights / Where villains spend the weekend." Come on, with lines like that, your weekend is bound to heat up despite the temperature. It just so happens that the Killers and Panic are both from Vegas. This song is a real party starter. It's also the ideal track to pre-game with your friends to. So drink up and get down.

4. Summer Fling, Don't Mean A Thing / New Found Glory

"If you need a boy around you / just for the summer / don't come knocking on my door" this little known track from the band's album "Radiosurgery" is an ode to summer love gone wrong. It doesn't pull punches, but remains romantic and fun. I love NFG for this very reason, they're honest, but remain fun and party-centric. Play this track when you're strutting into your favorite bar.

5. Elevator / Hot Hot Heat

This band has some fire in it's name, so you'd expect the track to be just as ignite-able. And it is. This band has an original sound that draws upon punk, indie and folk. It's a fantastic track for a hot summer night. Play it loud.