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It is so strange to me that some people have never mow the lawn, maybe because they have been living in the city their whole life or maybe just because someone else did it. Another strange think about mowing the lawn is that some people who get to do it for the first, second or 100th time are like really enjoying it. Those situations usually take a really small amount of mowing and usually on leveled ground. So they get so happy and posting pictures with "it's mowing time :)". I don't judge them at all, I would be happy to be in their position and take 15 minutes of my time to mow. But it is totally different stroy when it comes to two-day mowing project. I have been mowing the lawn around our house for 2 hours (and the ground is so not leveled). After that I spent 3 more hours at my neighbors', moving his lawn. But I know, some are having it even worse. I have 3 different mowlawners (and not those kind that you sit on haha) all specially designed for different kind of situations. But no matter how awful it is while you are mowing, in the end, when you come inside your house and take a shower, when you drink a lot of water and check your phone that's been counting your steps all along and reading you made a three day "walking" workout in 5 hours... well you only say: "Ok I am tired, but it was totally worth it". And there is another thing to looking forward to... tomorow in going to be the same.
@rodiziketan, you already know I despise mowing and all that yard work. But like @jeff4122 mentioned, I find doing the dishes cathartic. I've solved many a problems (in my head) by just doing the dishes.
I definitely know what you mean - I find therapy in doing things like this, too.