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So since SHINee has a repage coming out and released a song teaser today and as repayment for my evil ways*snicker* Here is the SHINee version!
Onew, JongHyun, Taemin, Minho, Key 1. Shag 2. Marry 3. Kill 4. Stalk 5. Have children with (Baby Appa >.<)
This... is hard ..hmmm okay 1. I would shag Onew cause.... look at him 2. Marry Minho forever and always and ever ever ever ever after XD 3. Kill .... id ... ummm Sorry Key but their can only be one Omma, I LOVE YOU T.T 4. Stalk Jjong cause it be fun and he meets lots of people and his radio show would be nice. 5. TAEMIN is the APPA <3 He is so cute with kids >.< IT CAN BE DONE!

So who so you choose?

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@lamrotamrot Nooo you killed my baby XD jk you have to pick someome XD Good choice!
Shag Jonghyun Marry Onew Kill Taemin Stalk Key Have children with Minho
Shag Jong Hyun Marry Minho Kill Onew Stalk Key Have children with Taemin because he is to cute and adorable!! ❤
1. Onew 2. Jonghyun 3. Key 4. Minho 5. Taemin This was pretty easy. Key had to go cause I refuse to be out divad.
1 onew 2 jonghyun 3 minho 4 key 5 taemin