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Appreciation post for the princess The boy who looks awkward doing anything he does The boy who look attractive no matter what even when he’s eating The boy who is known as Pink Princess or Jin Princess because he loves the colour pink The oldest hyung who takes care of his dongsaengs The boy who is in love with Super Mario and collects figurines  The boy who is good at house chores and usually cleans up after the members Basically, the boy who grew up to become an awkward, attractive and charming man His name is Kim Seokjin
hes beautiful except for his finger on #5 @DianaCastaneda lol i still love him tho
@carolinacastane Lol. He's double jointed. I love my princess squirrel. He's the best~.
ive noticed haha like on the War Of Hormone video haha when theyre on the bikes @ReddViolet