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Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

If your middle school teachers were as lazy as mine, you got to know Bill Nye the Science Guy really well. He made me love science with his jokes and dramatic experiments.

Remember when he and DJ from Full House made this fire tornado?!?

Or when he explained wind from inside a wind tunnel??

Like me, you might be wondering what Bill Nye is up to these days.
Turns out, he's still pretty cool. He's making a documentary about his life and "quest to change the world with science". To raise awareness, he posted a video of himself reading mean tweets (Jimmy Kimmel style).
You might think, who could be mean to this adorable, lanky man in a bow-tie, but the Internet is a scary place.

"I hate watching these Bill Nye videos I'd rather watch paint dry."

Reading mean tweets is not the only awesome thing Bill Nye has done recently. A few weeks ago, he starred in an Inside Amy Schumer sketch alongside my two favorite people in the world, Abbi and Ilana from Broad City.
Thanks, universe.

And thank you, Bill Nye. Please continue being awesome. Don't let those mean tweets get you down.

He's still trying to educate people about science! He's very concerned about climate change and often goes to talks trying to explain to people why it's important and what we need to do about it. He's very polite and still kind of goofy and I just love him so much he's the best
Yeah @shannonl5 he is still so awesome! I love how passionate his is about science and how fun he makes it! I used to hate science because my teachers made it so boring, but he made it so fun!
I like how he's still sporting the bowtie after all these years.
Hahah @LauraFisher all my friends made fun of me because I was so sad and because I believed it haha
omg @JordanNash I TOTALLY FORGOT THAT HAPPENED!! Wow, I remember being devastated hahaha
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