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This is a thing that is really common on Slovene menu. Tho, I haven't had them in a loooong time. So, tasting this after so many years, it brought back so many childhood memories, of times my grandmothers were cooking for me, while my parents were at work. So if you never tried this before, here is how you make it (12 dumplings): - Boil potatoes (7 medium potatoes) in large pot of water, drain and refrigereta for 12-24 hours. - Peel and grate potatoes and place in large bowl. Add 2 eggs, salt, 3 cups of all-purpose flour and 1 teaspoon of baking powder. - Knead dough until it is firm and set aside. - Half and pit 12 small apricots and place a lump of sugar where pit was. - Divide dough in 12 pieces and wrap firmly around each whole apricot. Make sure dumplings are well sealed. - Drop dumplings in 4-6 quarts boiling water and cook foe 15-20 minutes. - Remove to platter and sprinkle with butter-soaked breadcrumbs.
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Really?! What do you usually do with yours? I've been either eating them plain or putting them on pizza lol
we don't have so much fihs, only 2 small trees, so we eat them plain. I think it wouls be a waste of such a precious fruit to use it in any other form, especially when home-grown and not growing a lot of it. On pizza? Really? I've never thought about that. How is it? @danidee
It's good! It's different, but it's really good. I make it into a jam and use it instead of tomato sauce.
ok, we so sometimes make jam out of figs, but using this on a pizza? That's a new one. But I am open for all the crazy food related ideas. So, I am surly trying this one. @danidee