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I've covered youngster Shamir before - check my review of his album Ratchet here.
Today, his NPR Tiny Desk Concert was released, and it's a pretty major departure from what we're used to from Shamir.
Check it out above. It's really bare-bones, and it's really emotional. His recorded music is definitely emotional, but it's not really emotional like this; here, he comes off as more f a singer-songwriter than the wacky musician that he is.
I like the set, though. "Demon" is my favorite song on the record, so I'm definitely happy to see him giving it some attention in a small, very public setting.
Thanks to @danidee for the tip.
@jeff4122 I really love the NPR series, the artists really grab onto it and give fans a new approach to songs they love. One of my favorites is the one with TPain. That one is amazing!
@jeff4122 I have been hearing a lot of good things about Shamir. Interesting artist that is bulilding a strong base for sure, I'm going to catch his latest album now!
Hahah the TPain one is hilarious. Gives him a totally different side