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If you are a fan of vodka, I guess you are a fan of breezes as well. And there is so many different kinds, like sea breeze and so many versions. This time I made my version of Bay breeze. When you hear breeze, you know it is a vodka cockail with some juices. Originally, bay breeze is made from vodka, pineapple juice and cranberry juice. But I added a bit of amaretto (almond) and the drink becomes so much richer in taste. It is quite sweet, tho not one of the sweetest one. If you had a Bay breeze before, tell me about it. And if you own those drinks, make this version and tell me about what you think as well.
I need to try it. how much did you add? 1/2 ounce or more?
original recipe is nothing special, but of amaretto is added, its amazing. @marshalledgar
cool. thanks for the tip
half of ounce will do, but if you are a fan of amaretto, feel free to add more. :) @marshalledgar
I've never had a Bay Breeze before. but it sounds amazing.