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Hey you,

So you’ve done this a few times before. You wrote yourself a letter freshman year when your RA was trying to create an “open space” for conversation. Then you opened the letter 4 years later, after graduating college.
And you thought to yourself, “Who the hell is this person?!”
You were in a relationship you loved, you had high school friends, and you were worried about grades and making college friends. You valued totally different stuff.
It’s true. You don’t know anything about your future self. There’s no way you can’t tell who that person is.
Now, you are single, living in a big city, and with a bunch of new friends that you value.
But reading that letter helped you recognize one thing; you have no clue who you will be in four years, in a month, or even in a day.
So, future self, know that right now you value your job, your new city friends, you value new experiences. These things make you happy right now. They might not in a year. And that’s ok. But mostly, you value being happy. So you know, do whatever makes you feel that way.


Your Past Self (circa 2015)

P.S. You have great hair and you smell great (just a casual compliment from past self).
Shout-out to @jordanhamilton for prompting this card. Read her original : A Letter To My Future Self! And join in by writing a letter to yourself.
This "who the hell is this person" line is amazing. It is INCREDIBLE how much we can change within a short amount of time. Recognizing that you don't have any idea of where you'll be is the best way to deal with things! So glad you're reaching a semi-secure place in life and I love how you acknowledged the questioning of things. This was wonderful!!!
it's so good! I mean, so simple and truthful! and it's so easy to read that makes me want to read again and again just to continue to laugh about that unexpected line "who the hell is this person" xp you are an awesome writer ;)
But actually, this is really wise, and a great read :) I really liked the advice to yourself – to continue doing what makes you happy. You go girl :)
LOL "you smell great" – glad to know you've been smelling yourself hahaha XD
Thank you both so much for the support @jordanhamilton and @TessStevens! Ah! you’ll definitely have tell me how that goes @jordanhamilton. It was weird having previously done it and then doing it again. Change happens so often, yet it’s so hard to recognize!
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