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Well, you could always say one thing you'd never hear you any of your classmates say. You were talking for your professor's son, Yugyeom. He was younger than you by a year, almost two. You moved to Korea to study abroad and at the campus tour is where you met him. You had just talked to the application office and ran right into him, his papers flying everywhere. Well, his father's papers. After that commotion and series of apologies, you two went for coffee and exchanged numbers. You kept in touch and such until you found out his father was your professor. You tried avoiding him but it was kind of hard since he was allowed to live on campus. You kept trying your hardest to make up excuses but you couldn't do it any longer. You had to put your foot down. You invited him to stop by your dorm for dinner and would sit down for the talk over the food. You slipped into your finest pair of jeans and a sweater, the weather turning to fall. You decided to cook some American styled spaghetti. The door bell rang right as you put the pasta noodles into the pot of water. You rushed to open it and saw Yugyeom with rosey cheeks. He must have ran here when he got my call. "Y/n, its good to finally see you and not have you run the other way." he said with a sad smile. You instantly felt guilty and pulled him inside for a hug. He sighed softly against your hair and rubbed your back. You pulled away and motion for him to sit at the kitchen table. "I'm sorry I've been distant. I just don't think we should be as close because your father is my professor now.." your voice trailed off as you fixed his and your plate. You sat his food in front of him and sat across from him with yours. He sighed as he took a sip of his drink. "Noona, don't you care for me?" Yugyeom blinked adorably and smiled, tilting his head a little. That little shit. "I do but I don't want us to get in any trouble." you rub at your temples and shake your head, standing from the table. You begin to pace back and forth, trying to get your head clear. He was amazing and perfect in every way but that boundary could ruin everything. "Noona." he pinned you to the wall gently and tucked your hair behind your ear. You were frozen out of shock. His eyes searched for answers in yours and when he pointed to your lips, all you could do was nod. Yugyeom cupped your cheeks and kissed you with the most passion he could ever possess in a kiss. So much for putting your foot down.
agreed it was like a movie playing on my head me being the star good job KatieWarren
thank you thank you @StephanieDuong
OMG. (⊙_⊙) That was perfect. (/▽\*)。o○♡
thank you. it means a lot @frisky199123