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okay, so I realize I haven't been very active lately, but I AM quite excited to share this MV, let's just dive into it!
okay, so I have to be honest, and I will say that when this arrived in ,you subscriptions, I was hesitant to choose this song for my next string of reviews, but I will say that I am quite impressed for one thing, I LOVE that the artist doesn't show his face, this draws more attention to the music.... which I actually enjoyed. I'm probably going to listen to it repeatedly the other aspect of this video would be the animation! it was quite appealing (though hard to read for those not quick at hangul) and the concept of a built in lyric video took me back to the days of big time rush (wait... who are those guys again?) the jazzy feel of it had me nodding actually IN CONCLUSION - lots of hearts - good way to learn the song -music is good - give me more Don't forget to comment your thoughts ! -melz