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Ever wondered what idols would be like if they were animated movie, cartoon or anime characters?

Well, wonder no longer. Now presenting, K-Pop Animated!

If you would like to see an idol as an animated character, make sure to let me know in the comments and I will make a card for them! ^_^
This time it's Daesung! What would he be like...if he was Dug from the movie Up? Thanks to @VixenViVi for this idea!
He would have this cone instead of the blinding hair that he has right now.
He would continue to be the cute and funny self that he always is, with a big smile.
He would chill with his Big Bang homies. Get ice cream with TOP and Taeyang maybe.
He would also continue to be the great MC that he is. Thank you talking collar!
He would put up with TOP's shenanigans. Because TOP is his best friend. Always.
He would become the new maknae of Big Bang. I mean...Dugsung vs. Seungri? Right.
He would use this new excuse to woo Big Bang members. *literal puppy eyes*
And celebrate every time it works and he gets what he wants.
He would still get excited every time he sees Doraemon.
Overall, he would just be an awesome dog and a wonderful friend.
Let me know your suggestions for the next K-pop Animated!