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We're all thrilled that it's Friday, and whether you're going for drinks tonight, are heading to the beach or countryside, or just have a long brunch to prepare your stomach for on sunday, you'll want to look cute. These dresses are weekend ready, and are all under $50. Think of it as a pre-weekend gift to yourself!

1. Your weekend picnic dress.

What's better than overalls, denim, and a midi dress? A dress that combines all of those things into one super-cute, trendy and wearable pinafore? Yes please! Here at Topshop (psst- it's on sale!).

2. Your swanky bar dress.

This dress from Nastygal has just enough sex appeal and just enough coolness with the asymmetrical neckline that you can dress it down with booties and a leather jacket or up with heels, depending on what kind of bar you're going to Saturday night.

3. Your weekend brunch dress.

This dress from Zara is feminine but not too sweet, trendy but not on overload, and a perfect casual but easily dressed up. Not to mention how roomy it is to accomodate your food baby to be, and to give you room to breathe after your big night out.

4. Your summer concert t-shirt dress.

This dress from H&M (with those mules!) is so cool and laid-back, it's all you'll want to slip into on a hot day that could take you anywhere. It's perfect for that casual concert you wanted to hit up this weekend.

5. Your cocktail party dress.

We're not all the kind of people who have the frequent cocktail party to go to, but when we do, we want to be wearing this dress from Nastygal. The cutout is small but makes it sexy, and the longer hem keeps it tasteful.

6. Your lazy day maxi dress.

Whether you're laying by the pool or just reading on your balcony, there's no reason you can't look good and still be comfortable! This dress from Forever 21 is breezy and so easy to wear, alone or accessorized.

7. Your weekend wedding guest dress.

Whether or not you actually have a summer wedding to attend, this dress from Topshop is cute enough that you'll want to find an excuse to wear it and you know it. Whether you dress it down with sneakers and a denim jacket or actually have a nice event to attend, you want it.

8. Your classy ladies teatime dress.

This dress from Nastygal is also good for shopping, dinner, almost anything really. The short hem means it won't totally cover you up, but is still modest enough to make it appropriate for daytime.

9. Your dive bar dress.

This dress from Forever 21 is special but not too fancy to cramp your cheap beer-drinking style, or get in the way of some bartop dancing. It's sexy but doesn't look like you tried too hard, because after all, your shoes will probably be sticking to the beer-covered floor, and you might spill a two dollar shot on the front.

10. Your Sunday errands dress.

This dress from Zara is pretty casual, but still super cute, so you can grocery shop in style. It's long enough that you don't have to worry about flashing anyone when you get your clothes out of the lowest dryer at the laundromat, and roomy enough that it won't stick to you in the heat.