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A beautiful rainbow stretches over my heart Which is clinged to my lady and can never be apart This goddess of beauty has the most mesmerising eyes And I go flat on the ground when I see her smile This delilah with her wink shoots into my soul And to fulfil all her dreams is my secret goal She is my god sent angel in disguise Who has won my heart from truths not lies Her soft sweet voice is like a melody to my ears And she is my sunshine which bring the darkness to tears My queen I bow in front of you with my heart open For you to take it and make it yours to be chosen With her beautiful eyes she hypnotise me And I fall into a deep love called as destiny With her pure heart and nature she has won over a demon And all I could do was to stand there and watch us being one She brought the best out of me and gave me a new life And that's why I have swore to make her my wife Cause whenever I see her I feel like basoraxia And when I'm with her I even can be a victim of nostalgia I just love her with all my might And I just can't let her out of my sight For me that her is you I love you my angel, I just love you
Thanks a lot mam. And all these praises are just making me blush. Thanks @allischaaff :)
Well. first of all I'm very thankful for all the support of you and all my viewers. and thanks again for this much love. And yes it's based on real life, @allischaaff :)
Such a beautiful expression of pure love :) I feel like this is really coming out of a deep place in your heart. Is it based on real life, @HridayAgarwal ? :)
I'm so happy you have someone this special in your life who inspires you to so much passion @HridayAgarwal :) my favorite line is "I go flat on the ground when I see her smile"... I hope to inspire someone that way someday :)