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in this string of reviews I'm posting, I couldn't help but include a girl group ! so here we are!
okay, so I must say, I'm not a very girly cute MV type person, just putting that out there before I review so the first thing I noticed in this video, was the fact that they can rock YELLOW OUTFITS and STILL be attractive, but then when they started the first chorus, I thought "oh man, is this another gee?" I was soon relived that it was not now, the song was catchy and all, and the video was quite simple, but I couldn't help but think that I'm looking at some high school boy's fantasy.... I mean, seriously, this is pretty much the definition of what guys think we do at our slumber parties.... so props to you girls for letting them think that (no one needs to know that we just sit around in sweats, eating chips... right?) that being said... I like the video but it's probably not a video you'd want to start an American with, with all of our feminism and stuff, it could potentially lead to a bitter taste in their mouth IN CONCLUSION, MY VERDICT IS; -bubblllleeeeesssssssss -cute -pixel art? - were throwing pillows at each other and still look more attractive than you -oh the high pitched rapping -dancing comment your thoughts! -melz