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next up on the list of planned reviews i have is this boyish video with a catchy beat!
okay, (wow i start with that a lot >-<) so, this was the first time I experienced ZPZG, and i have to say.... i want more of them haha
I can only assume that they are still pretty new to the industry, considering 1). Ive never heard of them, 2). their MV is still pretty innocent (as most boy groups are towards the start), and 3). they still sound pretty fresh to me
BUT THATS ONLY MY OPINION (as all reviews are)
now, the video itself is ADORABLE (meaning innocent boys chasing a single girl who's hotter than most of their fans) but, i havent seen the MV as much as ive heard the song by now (especially because i repeat these songs over and over while writing these) and something ive observed, is that it does... sorta.... get old.... (please dont hate me >-<) the songs good and all.... but i basically was tired of it after the fourth listen....
BUT there was ONE thing that suprised me...... that was the size of the group.......
most kpop groups have an odd number over 3 members..... some going up to 13 members (im looking at you 17), but this group is oddly 4 members, and so, im actually quite interested in what their dances will look like
at the moment... im just done with this song... seeing cute boys with hot girls
im just going to go to my forever alone journalism corner, and weep for my future....
your thoughts? comment them!
-melz xx
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ZPZG!!!!!!!! I love these boys SOOOOO MUCH.