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You've been warned friends! It seems like people really enjoyed my last series of Drarry fic recs, and I did promise @LizArnone that I would post more. The last card I made was all safe for work (rated PG-13 and under), these ones are all rated R or above. So maybe don't read them on the train, unless you have a really good poker face or zero shame.

IDK My BFF Hermione?

After the war, Harry realizes that he had a plan, for how things were meant to go. But people change, and the things they wanted when they were teenagers aren’t necessarily the things they need as adults. This is so lovely. It’s really the epilogue for all us millennials; when it turns out that the fantasy of a white picket fence and 2.5 children doesn’t sprout up around the survivors of war, the poster boy for the revolution must grapple with the world he has, not the one that it ‘should’ be. A lot of us are struggling with the lives we’ve been told we should lead vs. the lives that will actually be fulfilling and happy for us. It’s a relief to see the heroes of our childhoods overcoming the same obstacles.
Draco’s a hot mess. Harry’s lovin’ it (hell yes).

Read this if the epilogue disappointed you and want a fix-it fic.

World's Edge

by RurouniHime
Draco and Harry are observing penguins far away from the rest of the world. I know it sounds kind of… crack. But it’s the opposite. They’re both adults, and they’ve weathered tragedy. They survive in ways that feel painfully real.
In the harshest environment on earth, Harry finds that escaping is harder than simply running.

Read this if you want a serious drama that will tear your heart out and *maybe* rebuild it.


by kerfuffling
Draco gets the power to rewrite history. He intends to change things so that the Death Eaters come out on top, but he can’t bring himself to do it, and instead ends up on Potter’s side. He goes from resentful and bitter to… that, and also romantically interested in Harry.
Thanks to a clever bit of magic and the help of an old acquaintance, Draco is given the chance to relive his years at Hogwarts with the knowledge of what exactly is in store for the future. However, when things tumble out of Draco’s grasp, he finds himself losing his memories of the life he’s already led as everything takes a startling turn away from what he’d always assumed to be his destiny.

Read this if you love a thriller, and would be entertained by seeing Draco dragged along the Camping Trip From Hell.

Sex, Lies, & Veritaserum

by lettered
Draco drinks veritaserum because he needs to talk to Harry about some things he wants during sex, but he’s embarrassed, and he’s also afraid it will ruin their marriage. So, they talk. And negotiate. And talk some more.
This entire fic is one long conversation about sex.

Read this if you're a little bit kinky and in the mood for a laugh.

My Big Fat Pureblood Wedding

by QueenyMidas
Harry’s got a case that’s keeping him busy, Draco’s mostly convinced the world that he’s not a Death Eater, and they love each other. Things are complicated (Draco’s father is barely okay with the gay thing, and is definitely not a fan of Harry Potter yet), and their lives intersect in increasingly bizarre ways (turns out Harry’s prime suspect is a family friend of the Malfoys! Drama!). But to heck with it. They’re getting married. And their wedding is going to be PRETTY goddammit.
Chaos ensues after Harry proposes to Draco on their three-year anniversary. The two must plan a wedding around their fighting friends, warring families, and each other’s stubbornness. EWE, post-war, disregarding Remus, Sirius, and Colin’s deaths and the fact that gay marriage is not legal in the UK.

Read this if you want a rom-com.


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