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I have had fringe bangs since I was 18. It was the summer after graduation, and I figured that with my newfound adulthood, it was time to change my look.
When I was around that age, I was obsessed with French ye-ye chanteuses like Brigitte Bardot and Francoise Hardy. I thought getting bangs would make my hair look modern and artsy while, at the same time, a little retro too.

Instead, it was more like this:

Can somebody tell me where you get the care manual to these?! I mean, damn, fringe bangs are a whole lot of upkeep.

The following are the biggest struggles I've faced with my bangs. (Fellow fringers, feel free to laugh, cry, and laugh-cry with me as I go through these.)

So first, you get those fateful bangs and immediately regret them.

Because you can't seem to get them positioned quite right.

And sometimes they grow so long, you're almost blind.

So you try to cut them yourself, only to get some hair stuck in your eye.

And then, of course, you cut them too short, making yourself look like a homely Bettie Page.

Whenever you get them wet, they get a mind of their own.

Sometimes you look into the mirror and try wishing them off your face.

But then you hit that 1-in-100th day your bangs are on fleek and forget that ever happened.

So you go out and spend the first few hours of your day acting like some undiscovered supermodel.

That is, until it starts to unexpectedly rain. Then you hate them all over again.

So there you have it. Those are the basic truths of pretty much all girls who have bangs. Unless you're a superhuman like Zooey Deschanel whose bangs seem to always be 'on'. (In which case, I hate you.)
To all of you who don't have bangs and are currently thinking about getting them, follow your dreams. But, you know, invest in a nice barrel brush too. Because #fringeproblems are real.
when I had my hair long I used to let it cover my face sometimes. I could kinda hide the fact my eyes were closed when I was in class
@BPF1916 I heard that you can get your bangs trimmed at salons for cheap if not free
@danidee I remember the poof lol
@BPF1916 my mom did the same thing to me!!!!! the day before a big christmas dance in high school, though. worst dance ever. i took 0 pictures and attempted to delete all those taken by others lol
my dad was a doppleganger of Leonard Nemoy so everytime i see Mr. Nemoy's picture, i see my dad....lol
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