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Rock stars have amazing style, and if you've been following my collection, you already know that.
One main stay of rock-and-rollers is the rep-purposed or re-designed military jacket.
Everyone from Hendrix to Pete Doherty has dawned one, and now you're gonna see how you can get the style for yourself.
With fall on the horizon, jackets are an essential part of any wardrobe, so get your rock-and roll on with these styles:

The Libertines

This band exudes style from all angles. Starting out as a gutter-garage band in the depths of London, they emerged in royal-mocking tunic jackets, equipped with military buttons and unhinged tailoring. The effortlessness of a loud jacket like this doesn't always work, but here it's obvious that these lads don't give an F. It's a uniform worn completely differently by each member, which begs the it a uniform at all?
Gotta love the irony in that.
To the right, Dior Homme dedicates an entire 2006 collection to the Libs look. Then my spin on the red jacket from a concert I did a few years ago. It always helps to pair the red with black, or blue jeans to add to the casual nature.

Jimi Hendrix

This man could rock a military jacket, let me tell you. This sort of "thrown together" chic look became the total envy of the fashion world and sparked tons of trends in the '60s and '70's. The addition of fringe, accessories and assorted patches would stay with designers like Alexander McQueen for centuries after Hendrix's passing.
The fashionista to the right paired a velveteen military inspired jacket with a boho hat, boots and black jeans to get that "hippie" look from decades ago.

The Beatles

The Sargent Pepper jackets are a big reason why bands still consider the Military thing to work as a theme regarding rock and roll. These psychedelic, silky outfits changed the face of rock and roll fashion.
The beatles set the tone for a lot of different looks including suits in the early years, and shabby chic in the later ones.
People still work this look and it's even appeared on the runway in recent history, for Gucci's Spring 2015 collection.

My Chemical Romance

These jackets were the envy of every middle schooler around. And guess what I had one! I still have it to this day, and love wearing it. Military, as you can tell, the style anyway is timeless. It reminds a lot of people of the jackets worn by the Beatles during the Sargent Pepper days and harkens back to the time of people like Hendrix who had a specific uniform while playing live. These jackets brought The Black Parade to life, and created an entire culture around the concept.
These jackets look really good with jeans and wild hair. Check out the stylings to the right. the second is my jacket, paired with some red and black accents.