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This was a game I made up while in a boring class lol. Make up a fictional class and map out where everyone would sit. DIRECTIONS: draw a class seating map. Then show where everyone would sit. Please make sure to include yourself in this seating chart. Your classmates can be Kpop icons, American icons, anime characters or whoever. Have fun with it! Make up a teacher who also can be anyone and the pick a subject. Is this fake class an English, History, Math, Gym, Political, etc class? Once finished post your map and make sure to tag me. I would love to see what you come up with. Spread the game and nominate friends to play and tag you. LET'S SEE HOW CREATIVE YOU CAN GET!! I nominate @KpopGaby, @nokita @poojas @stevieq
They are too cool for school lol.
@amobigbang thaaaank you for tagging me hahah I love the fact that sesshomaru is ur teacher . we gonna have to share that lol I will do It on sunday, I ve been so busy these days :( we gotta talk soon!
Lol @ErinGregory...yep there might be. we all need at least one hot teacher lol. @nokita you r welcome! I can't wait to see urs too. I'm thinking about making up another game soon. talking to u is awesome can't wait to hear from u 😊
Can't guarantee that there won't be bloodshed xD
LOL! @amobigbang, he'd definitely be an interesting teacher hahaha
Awesome!! I'll try to work on mine today, if not then tomorrow :)
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