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You're a real piece of work, you know that?

The fuck is wrong with you? You had a hundred things going right with you for once, and you threw it all away. In spectacular fashion, I'm sure.
I'm not gonna keep you long. I just want you to know that we were happy. For a brief, fleeting moment, we were finally able to say we were happy. Did that scare you? Did that make you uncomfortable? You figured that the old sadness, the familiar sadness, was something you wanted to get back to?
You're a wretched, rotten piece of fucking garbage, and you always will be. You threw away the best thing that ever came into your life, and what do you have in turn? A shit apartment in a shit town and a shit job that barely pays for it?
A+ fucking job, dickwad.

Hope you die in a goddamn fire.

@jordanhamilton thanks for the positivity. I guess I just imagine myself making poor decisions. It's just how my life seems to go lol
sheesh! lol well this was fun to read. cut yourself some slack @VinMcCarthy we are all a work in progress. you're doing better than most!
no problem at all! and no, trust me I understand. I feel the same way about my life lol I think we all do, but we try to be positive for others at the same time.