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The war of words between Mayor Emanuel of Chicago and Chief Keef show no signs of slowing down. Yesterday Chief Keef sat down with Billboard for an exclusive interview and he shared his thoughts in full on the mayor.

The interview is a must read for residents of Chicago and Keef fans worldwide.

During the interview with Billboard, Keef said that Chicago city officials were “hating.”
”They don’t want to see a young black man be successful and try to do something good,” he said. “It’s crazy.” He added, “If you ask me, man, fuck the mayor with a sandpaper dick! Say it like that.”

Chief Keef also let Billboard know that he was serious about running for mayor in Chicago.

“Hell yeah, I’m running! I’m going to get all the ballots and everything. Chief Keef for mayor! Vote for me! They’re going to love me when I get into office. I’m going to make everything right,” he said.
The mayor of Chicago better make peace with the fiery rapper before he puts this campaign in full gear. If run for mayor becomes official, he would become a legitimate candidate off his social media following in the city alone.