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Today in the News...

1. Please explain why Donald Trump has supporters? Is he even a viable option for president? - by @drwhat It’s getting a little hairy. (or lack thereof)
2. Bye, Bye, Ebola! Børge Brende,(from Norway) helped fund a 100% successful vaccination trail. It pretty much passed all the tests, and everyone is like "NOR-WAY!"
3. It seems that the UK is limiting the benefits that can be received by those who's main ailment or cause of unemployment/disability is drug addiction, alcoholism or obesity.
- by @drwhat It seems that that the government doesn’t think the program (bene)FITS as-is.
4. Are video cameras able to help police the police? It’s making people so angry they are about to snap. Cam we make our police force better?
This card is part of my Punny News Collection! Essentially it’s daily puns of the news!
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That Ebola news is so exciting. It's not everyday that we're able to find a cure for a major virus like that.