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Okay so your probably eager about the results right??........*person yells from the back* no duh lol :P
But first.........you got to follow the rules and DO NOT change your person (no cheating)
*memory lane*
#1 rule:
no changing what you got because you didn't want/like who you got
(promise and cross your heart)
if your new to the game and your like what the heck??? what are they talking about please go back to the first card here > ( https://www.vingle.net/posts/976754-The-Bts-Dating-Game ) please start from the beginning it be will fun i promise
anyways time for results......*drum roll*......
Door 1 = JungKook
Door 2 = J-Hope
Door 3 = Jin
Door 4 = Jimin
Door 5 = Taehyung (V)
Door 6 = Min Suga
Door 7 = Namjoon (Rap Monster)
so right now your probably like one of the gifs up there ^ knowing you got your bias or not.......again please DO NOT change the person you got
....but this game is not over yet *gasp*..........in the next card (that will come out tomorrow) you will do another surprise pick..........yes you read right...another surprise pick....this time where will your date be taking you :o
hope you are enjoying the game so far......ill tell you this right now your gonna love the ending results of this game (im hoping) <3..... oh and don't forget to comment below who you got
Part 3:
For some reason I always get J-Hope in every game. 😄
Got RM :) Although I probably wouldn't date him I'd hang out with him !! BESTIES <3
Jin *^*)/💖
I got Jin lol good thing whole group is my bias lol!!!
I actually got J-HOPE....*mind explodes* Thanks for this awesome game @B1A4BTS5ever :D
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