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Are you struggling with heartbreak? Missing that special person who used to make you so happy, and now just the thought of them fills you with sadness?
I don't mean to bring up any unpleasant memories. But I want to share a few thoughts with you. Because I've been in that place too, and I wish I had a friend who told me these things.

Breakups happen for a reason.

They suck at the time, sure. They suck BIG TIME. I know. I've been there too. I'm sorry you're experiencing these difficult feelings; I'm sorry you're suffering through this hurt.
But I want you to remember that ultimately, breakups are a good thing.
If a relationship isn't working – if it's bringing you down, filling your life with toxicity, and making you unhappy – then it's an unnecessary (and maybe even harmful) part of your life. It needs to go.
You know why?

Because a relationship with the wrong person prevents you from finding a relationship with the right person.

Believe me, the right person is out there – for all of us.
But to find them, we need to be our truest selves. We need to invest in ourselves, and become the people we're meant to be: passionate, weird, silly, healthy, independent, confident people.
If you stayed with the person who's making you sad right now, maybe the negative feelings that led to your breakup would have spiraled into something worse.
Or maybe you'd have totally and completely missed the opportunity to be with someone so much better, just because you were wrapped up in a relationship that felt comfortable, but wasn't truly healthy.
Maybe you would have grown to resent each other, and the breakup would have eventually come anyway – just much later, after you've wasted years of your life on this person.
Whatever the case, know this:

You are better off now.

They weren't right for you, and there's someone better coming. Just wait and see.
Remember that you are not alone. Your friends and family (and your Vingle fam!) are here for you to lean on during this tough time. We care about you and your happiness.

One day, someone incredible will walk into your life.

Someone who is so amazing, you can hardly believe it.

And on that day, you'll realize why it never worked out with anyone else. ❤

Keep up hope and be strong, everyone! And if you need support, know that your Vingle family is always here for you. :)
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@trendysneha try not to think about them anymore dont talk to them just focus on you and what you want for yourself. Itll be really hard I know but I believe you can do it and Im here if you need help.
"Breakups happen for a reason", if those aren't the wisest words to hear after a breakup nothing is
this is really true ❤💜💛💚
boys also go through same...feeling sick ...
hope so..
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