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why cant you see I dont love you anymore? i want you to go, leave! once and for all i left you but you wont leave me, just go! and let me be everytime i turn around you haunt my memories Sometimes good sometimes bad cant you see i dont care? dont haunt my dreams or my heart when i left i had enough pain i dont deserve more you haunt my thoughts with things you did or didnt do its been months and i dont care like i used to so just leave my spirit rest i know your life is fine you never needed me but you made me think you did everyday im mad because i didnt leave sooner i never asked if you ever really loved me i dont wanna know the answer just go im begging you please! i wont let you hurt me anymore never again will i shed a tear for you or what we had much less spill my blood for you go away my mind is now blocked from you there are things ill never be able to forget you werent a monster and ill never make you one like you said we fell apart so please leave and let me pick up the pieces theres someone new in my life now and i realize i love her more than i did you our paths crossed for a reason and youll always have a piece of me but i gave her the rest and i regret not knowing sooner she waited for me and now im waiting for her lets face it i could never wait for you just like you could never wait for me so i cut all ties so i can live happily with her and i hope you live happily too were finally free......