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I wish that I could stop
staring at the way
you stare at your book.
And I wish
I knew what you were reading
and I wish
I knew who you were.
I'm sure you're an interesting person,
and I'm sure you're into laying
in a resting position with another person.
Can I tell you something?
I can't stop staring at your side of the train.
Can you tell me something?
That you can't stop thinking the same.
The last stanza was everything! Incredible movement throughout this poem and there's something so universal about connecting with a complete stranger via public transportation
@skee292 oh my gosh. thanks so much. I haven't written poetry in such a long time so your words mean a lot to me! I'm glad you like it!
I agree! the last stanza. on point. loved this! I have a problem staring at certain people on the train, so this made me feel a lot better.