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Sunshine from above is making you shine And I am going crazy without champagne or wine Like a soft tender bud you have grown into a beautiful soul And to love you and protect from this mere world is my goal Watching you dance in this wind and swaying your hands I just forget all my tensions all my errands In the moonlight you stay strong and spread your pure essence And I am enchanted whenever I am under your exquisite presence Your soft hands fill up my arms like petals hug a rose And I love being your around you with you in every pose This garden has a lot of lilies, jasmines, and lotuses But after watching you truly my heartbeat ceases The way you smell and you spread your wings to wrap around flowers I just feel invincible and feeling you near me gives me power All I can do is to watch you in awe and feel your serene love As you are so tender so delicate so pure and naive You live to enlighten the whole garden And in your life I wish to be your sun I want to be there every time and give you strength and burn all the things which to hurt or amend As my beautiful rose you the best thing to me And this life with you is my true destiny
a rose is like your own queen their beauty and smile is priceless
Thanks :)
Nice one.. :)