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Round and the SM drama wheel goes where it stops nobody knows.
So as the title says, SM entertainment has just filed a new lawsuit against formally EXO KRIS.
The statement released by SM goes like this "As the lawful management of EXO members Kris and Luhan, after filing a lawsuit in February 2015 against Luhan and the companies employing him as an endorsement model for his illegal celebrity activities, SM Entertainment has now officially filed a lawsuit against Kris, and the advertisement companies movie production companies who have employed Kris for his illegal activities. The lawsuit has been registered on July 30 at the Beijing court.After one-sidedly filing a lawsuit against the agency in May 2014, Kris left without notice and has been illegally appearing on various movies, advertisements, event, and awards ceremony using the recognition he has gained through EXO. These activities have infringed the rights of the EXO members and SM, and have caused great financial harm to us and our partners. This is not only an abuse of the system, but also an unethical move that has betrayed the trust of this company and the other members. Our contract with Kris remains in effect until the final ruling is made by the court. We will hold him responsible for all the promotions he has illegally conducted during this period. All the activities he has conducted independently including movie and advertisement promotions are also considered a breach of contract. In addition, any individuals or companies that have blindly supported his breach of contract are infringing on the rights and profits of SM and EXO. Thus, we will also hold them responsible and take legal action.From here on, we will protect our rights and interests of EXO, SM, as well as our partners, and will do all that we can so that no further harm will come to more companies [due to illegally hiring Kris] and so that more will not become involved with Kris's illegal activities."
SM you need to channel the Elsa and LET IT GO!
For reals like you didn't treat Kris right so he left.
Treat people how you want to be treated, you learn that in like Kindergarten.
Its like being in a relationship with a shitty guy who wont move on!
SM needs to realize they're at fault and let Kris live his life free from discrimination and abuse.
And if your a real EXO-L you should support Kris in anything that he does!
What are your feelings on the matter ?
SM won't let it go because they can see money to be made...and obviously that is all it boils down to for them. They don't even treat these kids as well as farmers treat cattle. Its just about sucking every nickel out of them they can get. Whether that nickel be through contracts or breach of contracts...they can make money either way in contract fees or penalties for breaking the contract.
I thought they already settled this already !? Why are they going after them again after they practically won because they still under S.M by court wtf S.M let that shot go
Fuck you SM! Can't you just leave these people alone! They left because you didn't treat them right so LET THEM GO! They don't want to comeback! It's not their fault it's your fault! Anyone who doesn't support this you're not a true fan.