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Today I thought id pick a song thats more "soul soothing". But at the same time I was feeling the whole BTS vibe, you know lol. (Some of you may know the Mariah Carey version also like happend to like both versions but.......that BTS though, K-Pop4Dayz) If you dont know about BTS make sure to check out some of their other songs you might like them and become part of the A.R.M.Y♡♡♡ Buut if you are already a fan then this part is for you: If you could have a member of BTS serenade you. What member would it be and what song would you want them to sing?
I think I'd want Jin to serenade me with You're My ♡
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I'd want V to serenade me to any song he wants😊❤️
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