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Got your attention? Great! Still want to know about Bananas? They Are Yellow!
Now here's the Real Thing. I'm bored. And I'm stuck. I seat all day at my bedroom, trying to write, to think, to do something and I just can't. So @TessStevens, I'm taking your advice! write randomly about what I feel. And I feel shit! I mean, besides the boring part. I feel so empty! Every time I start thinking what to do next with my story, a thousand ideas invade my head and, no idea how, I can't catch not even one! Is like if the idea starts forming in my head but it never finishes, leaving me only some meaningless unfinished phrase that goes no were. And it has no were to go either, even if it wanted to. Because my head has no road to follow and someone stole the signs. I'm Lost! And so are my thoughts! This always happens to me, that's why my office is more a huge trash can than anything else! Papers half written fill my desk, and my notebooks are just a mirror of it. I guess those psychologists who say we transfer our feelings to our ability to organize are Correct! Anyway, misleading you about the Bananas was my way to show you I'm near to go crazy! Any advice?
"I'm lost and so are my words." Great line! Keep following the stream of thought and you might just find something great ;) write every day and you'll fall into a good routine and things will get easier
Since I found Vingle my mood to write as increased a lot, hope my brain catches up xp So I think I'll try to write something every day to get my writer energy flowing ahah thanks!
Hahaha the bananas thing DID catch my attention! your plan worked :D see? You're already writing some good stuff! When I want to write but I'm having trouble deciding what to do, I just tell myself, "okay. Now I'm going to write something horrible. The worst thing I've ever written." It frees you up to stop trying to find a good idea, and just start putting things down on paper (or computer screen - however you prefer to write.) maybe that will help :)
actually that's great advice @allischaaff ! once @TessStevens told me to just write freely, and not concern with perfection! and I think you're both right! I think I'll have to write a lot of horrible things first before reach my big brake trough, if I'll have one ahah