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Some times you need a little motivation! So here is a push in the studying direction!
It always starts out the same. You're ready and confident that you will learn the material.
And pretty soon, it is already exhausting.
You sort of play around or start doodling and time keeps passing. (*Language warning ahead!*)
Then you are just lost and give up all together!
But just now that your brain is mush, you need motivation to try again! HERE COME THE OPPAS!

네 오빠들! Yes Oppas, just for you!!!!

So if you feel done just look at them!
And remember! You can do it!

Hwaiting! ^^

Now I should proably listen to my own advice >.>
@deilig like a true procrastinator
This is so me!! I end up having to do a weeks worth of hw in one day.
The last nine words in this card make it 416% better.
Ugh vivi lol.
this is me all the time even though I'm not that bad at school. I'm just bored all the time
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