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As someone who has scoliosis (although not severe), I try to make a conscious effort to walk, sit, and stand straight. It is something that I need to think about. Good posture is good for good health. When I sit up straight, and it makes my back feel less stressed. I don't know if this is science, or this is just my personal story -- but my posture had improved while I was weight lifting. Perhaps, because I also had to be conscious of my posture during the weight lifting movement. Do you practice good posture?

Find out why good posture is good for you, and how you can achieve that:

I should probably practice good posture more often. I always see older people hunched over walking down the street, I really don't want that to be me.
That's really interesting. I am going to go to the women's restroom at my job and try tying my hands behind my back to see if it works. lol. i don't want to look ridic. But that makes sense. I have an issue with posture, i have to constantly think about it
My doctor told me something about posture that i'll never forget... when you're standing up, you should stand as if your hands are tied behind your back. our natural way to stand is to let our hands fall in front of us, but that leads to a hunch forward; it's much, much better for our backs to be 'at attention' military style (obviously not quite as severely erect). If you hold your wrists behind your back, it'll correct your posture
I needed this. I always hunch over the desk while working on things and it's so bad!