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I am such a fan of cute cups and saucers. I think I am going to drive my future husband nuts in the china department! Oh well... I love the blushing faces on the cups and the cute feet on the saucers. What makes these so adorable is that these are small, espresso-sized. Perfect for playing tea with the kids!

All you need are:

Espresso cups and saucers
Permanent glass markers
Permanent glass paint


Now, try not to overthink this simple project. Just go with the flow and enjoy what you create.
1. Use a regular pencil to draw your faces onto the cups, and the feet on the saucers. If you make a mistake, it wipes right off with a fingertip.
2. Draw the faces and feet on with your black glass marker.
3. Add some of the pink window color paint to a scrap of paper, and use a brush to lightly add pink cheeks to your faces.
4. Follow the instructions on the marker packs – baking the cups and saucers in the oven to cure the paint.
Stuff you need to know:
Protect your creations by washing by hand after the paint has set for a few days.
The actual paint is not food-safe. So keep your design lower than the lip and on the outside only.
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Thank you! @kariima @marshalledgar @daisyzheng02 @yernaya I hope you were able to make your own cute cups and saucers! ;-)
this is soooo adorable
😍😍😍so cute
It's a cool project
love it