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So your found out who is taking you out on the date but where will they be taking you :o and if your new here is the begging of the game > ( https://www.vingle.net/posts/976754-The-Bts-Dating-Game ) please start from begging to end cause then it wrecks the purpose of the game.
so picture your self in the car of the person you got and hes starting the car and he about to drive to a mystery destination you ask "hey where are we going you did tell me anything last night when we where talking on the phone"
Bts member "its a surprise you will love it when we get there and you are gonna love what i planned out for us"
now time for surprise pick again this time there is 4 place you would be able to go to but what would be you destination? :O (hahaha sorry wanted to put this so bad....but will you be going to the beach??)
Place 1
Place 2
Place 3
Place 4
okay first its sucks how the pictures came out small....but i gess it makes its it harder to see from where i cropped it from.....anyways back to the game choose one of these places and see where your date is taking you?
so your results will be coming out again tomorrow....are you enjoying the game so far....if not inbox me and send me your ideas so in my next game or this one who knows i can make it even better.....what do you say??? i would love to hear from you
okay love you guys hope your having fun <3 remember to comment below which one you want
Part 4:
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