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I found an anti kpop website and it just got me thinking why people don't like it?
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Maybe it's because Kpop is different from American groups. Or they could be racist. Or because sometimes the guys can look like girls (we all know it's true and they are beautiful girls) So they judge on that. Or they are simply a bully. Being an internet bully(coward) is easy. No one knows who you are so nothing comes back to you. It's easy for them to get people riled up. I understand not everyone is accepting of certain singers and or groups but a hate group is just stupid and cowardly. That's just my opinion.
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This video is saying that all Koreans are gay so that means this person has a problem with gay people. Also if you don't like k-pop how do you know the names of people and so many songs. If you don't like don't freakin ruin it for people that like it and people that don't know it. People that just hate on stuff because they don't like are aholes
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But I LOVE kpop and if u don't like it SHUT THE F UP
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I hate how people can hate it without listening to the groups!! They bad mouth things they don't even understand. Well to them here is a 馃槫
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what?? why is there a website like that? hehe
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