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Even though I downloaded vingle because of the big bang's tickets, I just loved how I was treated here, and I do not plan to leave this app at all if I don't get the tickets. Yeah, if I do win that would be so cool, but i've receive so much from you guys!
Here I made so many friends from everywhere! I was able to talk about Kpop for hours, and not worry about how others would react *since most ppl think I ve issues for liking kpop lmao* So, through this message, I would like to thank you all!
Thank you vingle for giving me such a nice experience. Thank you guys for always being so sweet to me. Thank you for talking to me, tagging me, or trying to make any kind of contact with me. I can't believe I met so many people in like 2/3 weeks.
If we haven't met yet, send me a message. I think im a nice person. I am a Hottest, VIP, Baby (forever and always), A.R.M.Y.. Plus I am addicted to kdramas , and shoujo anime. That is all I ve to say.. In conclusion, vingle family you guys are the best! THANK YOU!
@nokita 💖사랑해요 , forever a part of the vingle fam, we all joined for different reasons but for the love of one thing, love all the ppl I've met on here 💖
Awww We Love you too! Glad you are here! 사랑해요!
I was going to make a card like this cause it's the same for me but yea. I really like this community and I love going on it especially if I'm feeling sad or anything cause it makes me smile and laugh and that's what I love about this. It makes me temporarily forget
Yasssss group hug ::>_<::💖 @CristelaLoz
@nokita I do! 😊 I didn't join for the contest (I actually have tickets and am going to the concert in LA-FREAKING excited) but I have absolutely fallen in love with this app and the people on it. The Kpop community on here is so awesome and fun 😄😄😄💖
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