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You and your group of friends decided to go out camping for the weekend. Little did you know that they decided to invite your crush, Taemin. Anytime you saw him, your cheeks would flush and your heart would flutter like the wings of a butterfly. They had planned on setting you and him up for a while now but never had the right opportunity. It was time for your friends to pick you up from your house. You rushed down the stairs with your bag, excited to escape your crowded lifestyle in the city. Much to your surprise, Taemin was sitting in the backseat of your friend's SUV. The only spot open was right beside him. He waved happily since he hadn't seen you in a while. You quickly return the wave before nervously climbing in beside him. He was laughing hard at something one of your friends said, like the laugh that he slaps his knee and his eye smile couldn't be unnoticed. Those laughs were your favorite because he seemed so happy. "It's been a while since we last saw each other. How have you been, Y/n?" Taemin asked after calming from his laugh. His complete focus was on you and your response. He had in blue contacts and his hair was now platinum and purple. It fit him really well. "It has been. I've been busy trying to fer everything set up and being happy in my new apartment." you admitted and smiled, his face never failed to make you smile. He nodded and started talking back to your friend. His leg was right on yours and that made you want to scream. After a while, you drifted off to sleep from exhaustion of getting things moved in last night. You dreamt of Taemin actually wanting you back and a kiss under the moonlight. He made this dream seem so realistic. It was perfect. The car stopped and your eyes fluttered open. You felt something on your shoulder and under your head so you sat your head up slowly. Taemin was fast asleep on your shoulder, an arm around your stomach. Your eyes widen, trying to remain still so he won't wake in a bad way. "Oh how cute!" your friends teased and started unpacking the car. "Taemin..wake up. We're here." you whispered and tapped his arm gently. He didn't budge. You shook his shoulder gently and his eyes sprung open. He smiled up at you before sitting up and rubbing at his eyes. He even managed to look flawless when he woke. HOW?! "Sorry, you were just really cozy and warm. I hope that didn't disturb you." he grinned sleepily and stretched. You blushed and then got out of the car. Your back was kind of stiff. You took a solid few minutes to stretch then groaned when it popped. "Oh gosh, are you okay?" he touched your shoulder gently and furrowed his brows, worried. "Just a bit stiff." you nod and he proceeds to grab your bag. Your friends were nowhere to be seen by the time Taemin set up tents. You tried to help but he refused. You decided that you should go look for your friends and being the odd cookie that you are, you went alone in woods you didn't know well. Time has passed and you were now sitting at the base of a tree. You were lost and way too stubborn to admit it. "Y/n! Y/n! Where are you?!" Taemin called and when he spotted you hugging your knees at the tree, he ran up to you. He pulled you to his chest, which was rising and falling rapidly from running. He was looking for you? Did he really care? "I was so worried. Are you okay?" he pulled back to look at you and helped you up. What happened next would have never happened outside of your dreams, or so you thought. He had helped you back to the camp grounds and had you in his lap as he checked you for any injuries. When he was checking your face, he ran his thumb across your bottom lip then pressed his happily to yours. I guess dreams can come true.