It was that time of year. When families get their taxes and the parents go off on vacations, leaving their kids behind. That's where you came in, the local babysitter that everyone recommended. You were supposed to be going on a date with your boyfriend, Jaebum, since he was free from schedules. A lot of time apart made both you and him sad. "Alright, so Lila will need to eat healthy food only okay, Y/n?" one of the mothers who heard about you pulled you from your thoughts. You nodded and smiled politely, waiting for her to let go of her daughter and leave. Once she left, you sat Lila in her walker in front of the tv. Jaebum had been blowing your phone up for the past five minutes. You hit the call button and pressed the phone to your ear. "Jagiya~" he cooed into the phone, making your heart flutter just like the first time he ever called you that. "Hello~" you mimicked his tone of voice. Jaebum laughed and let out a long sigh. He was good at making you feel bad for being busy. You kept your eyes on Lila as you still had the phone to your ear. "How mad would you be if I showed up to your place right now?" he broke the silence. "I don't think that's be-" you were cut off by knocking on the door. You stood on your tiptoes and peeked out the peephole to see Jaebum on your doorstep with the phone still to his ear. You chuckled at his desperate ways to come over regardless of a child being present. You opened the door and latched onto him like no tomorrow. Even though he's not supposed to be over at babysitting hours, you were glad to see him. "I missed you." he mumbled into your hair and walked you into the house, closing the door behind him. You looked up at him and sighed happily. He was actually here instead of on a screen, billions of miles away. You pecked his lips and almost decided to hold onto the kiss longer but Lila started whining. "Oh, who's this?" he smiled and crouched in front of her walker. She stared at Jaebum with wide eyes and a pouted lip. He laughed and patted her head before making the cutest aegyo and silly faces he could. You couldn't help but laugh and snap a few photos until he had caught on. He gave you a glare and Lila laughed. "You'd be such a good appa." you nod as you sit and watch him play with Lila. He even fed her and got her down for a nap. When you tried to help, he would shoo you away. You accepted his umma-mode and relaxed on the couch. A few moments later he joined you on the couch, putting his head on your lap. "Do you really think that I'd be a good appa?" Jaebum stared up at your eyes, a small smile on his face. You ran your fingers through his hair and nodded. You enjoyed down time like this but also enjoyed his playful, silly side. "Let's have babies. Right now." he sat up with a serious face. Your eyes widened and he pushed you gently on your back on the couch before climbing over you and kissing all over your face. You both giggled and snuck a few kisses on the lips here and there before he stopped and laid beside you with his head on your stomach. "Maybe one day, hm?"
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i really enjoy ur stories ☺