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I was a huge fan of the U.S. Version of High School Musical when I was young. Dancing to all of the songs, and so on. But I was searching a picture for my "High School Drama's" post, and came across this. I never heard of it before, and now I'm determined to find, and watch it. Especially because it has a few Kpop stars in it. How many of you guys seen this? Was it good, worth watching? Moreover, where can I find this available?
so...whos troy and whos gab
@caitlind9898 Yeah they do but the main Troy and Gabriella are Ryeowook and Luna, I'm pretty sure. But since it was a musical, it wasn't really like out on screen or anything.
Well I searched it and now I'm confused because it say "Super Junior鈥檚 Ryeowook, F.T. Island鈥檚 Jaejin and Kang Dong Ho share the lead role of Troy, while AOA鈥檚 Choa, Luna of f(x) and musical actress Oh So Yeon share the role of Gabriella."@shjej5835
I could watch
I searched it up on youtube but only songs came up so i think it was live and only in korea
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